In our SPA you’ll enjoy a finnish sauna, turkish bath, emotional shower, scottish shower, ice fountain, two wide cabins for massages and treatments, tea room and relax area.
In our Pool Area you’ll benefit of a tub for adults, an upstream swimming zone, hidromassage seats and cervical waterfall, hot tub and Kneipp path.

Our swimming pool is open every day from 11.00 am till 10.00 pm with the chance to book the pool area after dinner with bar service.
Our SPA is open every day from 2 pm till 8 pm.
Our masseurs are available from 11 am till 7 pm.

Children under 14  can enter the swimming pool area from 11 am till 5pm through the entrance next to the bar. Entrance in the SPA is strictly forbidden.


Californian Massage 50’ / 60 €
Relaxing massage tecnique born in the USA at the end of the 60s. Its peculiarity consists in light long rubbing of the body alternated with oriental massage manouvres.

Afterski Massage 50’ / 65 €
Recommended for those who loves a deep massage, made with essential oils to decontract and re-balance your body.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 30’ / 50 €
Soft massage, rithmic and embracing. Recommended to soothe lower extremities heaviness, it helps detox.

Diapason Massage 50’ / 55 €
Union of massage and diapason sound. The frequency from the diapason has the power to tune our body like music instruments giving the chance to express ourselves at our best.

Stone Massage 50’ / 65 €
Ancient massage tecnique that, due the use of hot stones, emphatises the manual tecniques benefits. The body tissues are drained and pleasantly relaxed.

Facial Treatment 50’ / 50 €
Facial scrub ritual with a typical Dien Chan massage of Vietnamese facial reflexology.

Dream Ritual 70’ / 75 €
Exfoliation and relaxing massage 30 minutes long, recommended to those who desire to be cuddled and escape the daily routine.

Harmony & Vitality 70’ / 75 €
Exfoliation and invigorating massage 30 minutes long, recommended to those who want a deep massage, specially after sports activities.

Foot Reflexology 30’ / 45 €
Microstimulation pointform based on the connection of your body external parts to the internal organs. Rebalancing and relaxing effect.

Shiatsu Massage 50’ / 65 €
Born in Japan in th VI century, consist in pressure made with hands and harms acting on acupuncture meridians, it soothes problems related to the muscular-skeletal apparatus.

Polarity Therapy 50’ / 65 €
A tecnique developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, austrian kiropratic and osteopath. Consist in the union of different autohealing methods studied in China and India with a deep and embracing massage.

Shiatsu-Polarity Massage 30’ / 50 €
The two techniques merge into a single massage to give relief and relax the muscles of the back.