Gourmet cuisine

It is ultimately a matter of flavors: our perception opens up to aromas and perfumes as we start to imagine ourselves in the pleasant company of all the senses. Certainly it is a gourmet Hotel in every aspect: you will feel really taken care of at the restaurant. The large windows give a magnificent view of the Alpine landscape while the kitchen offers a gastronomic experience embracing the regional flavors and traditions. Our noteworthy wine list goes in hand.

Wine selection

You will get to know great wines during dedicated wine-tasting afternoons, in the cellar. Special attention is paid to the taste and well-being of each guest: we also offer vegetarian menus and various gluten-free specialties. Even the morning buffet at the restaurant presents every day a rich selection of gluten-free products: bread, muesli and desserts, along with everything you may desire for your breakfast.